Saturday, May 21, 2011

Painted bindi

On the top floor of one the large four storied floors of the Faridpur Brothel, a Madam puts make up on one of her girls, the painted bindi is the last detail. Most girls start dressing up towards the latter part of the day, when the client rate picks up.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Anju ('wish" in Bangla) is hit with sunlight; she waits in her hallway, in one of the four large buildings of the Faridpur brothel. Light seeps into the hallway at certain times of day, most of the time artificial light illuminates her everyday life.

Red lips

Small alleyways create a maze through the Faridpur brothel. Individual shacks fill the space between the four main buildings where sex workers have their own rooms. These girls wait for business outside in the darkness of the warm nights.

Slow time

Work usually slows down during mid day and early afternoon. The girls pass their time in their rooms and hallways waiting for business to pick up.

Rays of light

A sex worker waits in front of her room for her customers. Once a day, in the evening, direct sunshine sneaks into the dark, artificially lit hallways of the brothel .